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All i am asking is will this turbo over sized or under sized for higher boost(14psi-20) on the 2.2L turbo motor. if it can go higher, let me know. if it will run outta gas at 12psi, let me know. Am i looking at a lag monster, or a wanna be super charger? I just dont really wanna spend more money and go through the hassel of selling the one i have. Its a beast of a turbo from my understanding(is suppose to support about 400hp at the crank on a 2.5L engine...probbaly a bit less. heard this from other various online people on other boards). i plan on running low comp (either 8.5:1, the highest i am gonna go, or lower. probably end up around 8:1, maybe lower if my turbo can support higher psi's). i want to run sohc phase 2 heads from a EJ25, unless the coolant passages wont line up. From what i've read through various forums, the crank on the EJ22T is forged. Is this true? I also would like to have various head work done, beefed up springs, retainers, new valves, 2-5 angel valve job, etc. this isnt a short term project, but i am trying to prepare myself(as in, knowing what i want, where i can get it, compatibility, etc. Once i know what i want and what will work, i'll just have to work and save. I really like the ej22T alot, from what i have read. Its the middle of the road between the 2.0 and the 2.5. Not as torquey as the 2.5, but not as gutless before turbo as the 2.0. So any info will be appreicated. I do know a reasonable amount about the workings of these cars. The specifics is where i am lacking. Thanks. :-)
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