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Post I'm definitely going to pee my pants after the WRX test drive today

so me and my friends are bored so we're like "hey lets go test drive some wrx's" and as you know my friend already has a pretty fast subaru forester...

so we go there and the 20 year old salesman gives us all a chance to drive the car on the freeway and the roads and he said we could push the car as hard as we wanted...

we saw a porsche about 20-25 cars ahead of us doing about 45mph and my friend asked "you think i can catch up to him w/o changing gears?" i'm like "i dunno try it" and the salesman rooted us on! so from the beginning of 3rd gear at around 30mph we caught him at around 6500 rpms while still in 3rd...the acceleration was [email protected]!!

now keep in mind this car had four 170lb guys in it and was a wagon!!! i was very impressed...

when i drove it i was testing out the normal speed of it with 50-75% throttle and it still tore ***** up like no other!

i'm so impressed with this car it isn't even funny!! i think i'll probably wait and save my money for the STi version cuase 280hp is just too much to pass up heheheh

our other friend currently drives a pos (1980's nissan automobile) and is looking for a new car and now he wants a WRX real bad hahahhha!!! he drove the car harder than my other friend who drives like a maniac...we took some freeway onramp at like 60mph without even having the tires make a slight bit of noise..

The beauty of all wheel drive! haha

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