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Originally posted by wgknestrick
According to Red Rocket, he is the first person to ever port a wastegate. I can't wait to tell my children about the Red Rocket (and Al) "I" used to know after they read about them in text books at school. What a pioneer. Is "lol" appropriate after this?

I try to only flame when necessary, but Red Rocket please re-read your post again to understand why we think you sound "flame worthy".

Just trying to help STI owners out, but this thread will grow out of hand now.
Originally posted by Zornorph
Kevin, I have listened to you a lot on this board. Once again you have displayed your unbelievable ego.

Wow, you guys are just so super! Yay, slam me when I rightfully take credit for my accomplishment. Get off your god damn high horse.

No kidding I'm not the first person to port a wastegate, or any other car part for that matter. But when I did it, there were several people on NASIOC struggling with boost creep, with no solution known, and I was the first one to get up the balls to take a grinding bit to my $900 turbo to solve the problem. I didn't even know if it would work, but it did. I researched it it on the net to get tips, so of course it's not an original concept. But I take credit for bring the concept to NASIOC and the US subaru community. Austin also deserves alot of credit, I bounced the concept off him, then he did it after me and made a nice writeup.

(I won't even go into how I did it outdoors on one of the coldest weekends of the year, at a "garage day"....that's a little NESIC legend).

You two can bite me.

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