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Originally posted by stimpy
[*]The RS has gearing that is much more favorable to acceleration. The RS will top out at ~50mph in second gear where the WRX will pull all the way through 60mph. This gives you around a 1000rpm difference in 5th gear at cruising speeds; a difference between the start of torque peak and the economy rpm. Comparing same speeds and same gears between the two cars will give you different results due to this large gearing difference. With all that said, though, my car is using the WRX transmission and still feels very fast. I've been told the EJ20 with the RS gearing is even better for low-end acceleration.
You are 100% correct here only the numbers using a USDM EJ20 mated to an RS trans are alot better than you have stated. Second gear with two blips on the limiter is 64 mph third gear with two blips on the limiter is 91 mph. 125 mph is really really really easy to do in 4th and still have plenty of revs left to go before you run out of steam. The RS is just plain old sick with the EJ20 and the RS trans. Oh this was with an uppipe lightened flywheel and the stock turbo back exhaust too. I can't wait for Sunday and my my swap to be finished

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