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I suspect this has less to do with SpeedTv, and more to do with the changes in the coverage for the UK. The changes are detailed here ( ), but basically their coverage is cut down to a single one-hour summary of the event. Since they no longer produce the longer summary for the UK, I didn't think ISC would still make the longer coverage for the US market.

(It sounds insane to me to cut coverage in order to increase viewership. But from all I've heard, the UK fans are overwhelmingly in favor of the change, even though it means that they lose same-day coverage. Go figure.)

BTW, this is a new change. When I set my TiVo two days ago, the coverage was still scheduled for two hours. Again, this makes me think that the change came suddenly from ISC, rather than Speed. Which isn't to say that it doesn't suck (it does!), just that Speed might not be the best place to direct your letters.

Looking at Speed's schedule ( ), it looks like we'll get a half hour "Rally Magazine", followed by an hour and a half of coverage.

Besides, with the Mille Pistes recce system, there will only be half the rallying to cover anyway, so it's not like we'll be missing that much more action!
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