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Post Help...your opinion on building a 2wd Impreza Civic SiR!


I just got a used 2wd 93 Impreza base model, manual with the 1.8 engine. I looked up the specs of the car and according to MSN Carpoint the car only weighs in at 2315lbs. Is this correct? What's everybody's opinion on just keeping this car 2wd, getting a 2.2 or 2.5 engine for the added HP and working on the suspension and brakes to create something that would make a Civic eat dust. I'm not interested in making it look like a WRX. Instead just make it look like a plain Jane Impreza sedan. I figured that there would be less loss of HP to the drivetrain since it's only 2wd and about 200 lbs lighter than a Civic. With a 2.2 engine it should really move. How should I go about starting on this project? Can I make the car lighter than it already is? I'd like to get started it solo or autocrosses using this car...please your input is greatly appreciated.
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