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I hate it too. My car sounds like a big diesel truck outside when it's like this.

I did make an observation today though. Usually, when it's very cold out I just start the car up and be on my way. My car sounding like the diesel engine it doesn't have, I took and left my job and jumped on the highway. I was very easy on the throttle but something surprised me, and scared me for a bit. I was keeping an eye on my EGT gauge (VD0). Usually it would run just slightly over 1250F, say around 1275. Then it would taper off as the car warmed up. Not today! The temp went all the way up to 1450F-1500F. I was like (Oh shi*) and kept backing off the throttle, driving at around 50F. Had I continued to accelerate up to 65mph (The highway speed limit), I really do believe my EGT would've passed the 1550F mark.

There has been some debate about whether warming up your car helps out or not. I think it doesn't help really up to a point. If it's really cold out and your car has been sitting all night, I wouldn't advise just jumping in and pulling off. I am not stating any theories or hypothesis. I just saying what happened to me this morning and what I did to remedy this situation. You are more than welcome to state whether letting the car warm up first or just driving off (even mildly accelerating through local neighborhoods) is good or not. I know better. Good luck and drive safely!

BTW: I couldn't tell you if the car had knock/ping and/or detonation. There was so much racket going on from the diesel sound, I simply couldn't separate any foreign sounds. I just ordered a knock sensor today before making this post.

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