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Ok, they "cold weather" guy will chime in again. I do not think cold weather starts are all that detremental to cars in general. I have owned a couple of VWs in the past and they both had more than 130k miles on them and neither would have a problem starting in the cold (-20F and below) and ran like champs up until I crashed each of them. While the mileage wasn't that high they were started in the cold every winter. As a matter of fact, a few years ago at school the temp was -41F (no that is not a mistype) and my car started, although it took a few tries! As for an opinion on warming a car up, in one Industrial Tech class I took in college they went over this topic. What it all boiled down to was that it is useless to let a car idle for more than 90 sec. when cold because the oil has thinned out and it will continue to burn relatively large amounts of gas while idling as opposed to driving. Note, however, that you should still take it easy for the first few miles until the entire engine is warmed as well as the tranny.

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