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Originally posted by Sisqocqk
Wow im impressed! I thought for sure a "scooby guru" would have tons of OT secret code, secret OT language and lame inside jokes as a response. Oh well...maybe next time, huh?

First of all you prove my point that the forums are slow because you're in the BAIC forum when you're way the hell in pasadena, a 370mile distance mind you. The BAIC in I C L U B keeps me highly entertained without any need to frequent the SOCAL forum. This is obviously not the case for you.

Here's a map for you too:

Anyway, about my "ghey" name

"Sisqo" was my army callsign when i was with USASOC. My team and myself went on a "ghey" HALO jump at 31000ft and i landed with a major wedgie due to the leg straps on my parachute harness. Thus, my team called me "sisqo" refering to "the thong song"

As for the "cqk" portion... i was know to have considerable knowledge in CQC (close quarter combat or Urban combat as you would probably know from playing SOCOM too much when you're not in OT). Therefore, I wrote my team and companies SOP for urban combat.... "CQK" means "close quarters killer" Hmmm i wonder how i got that "ghey" handle

next pitstop....

pasadena with a bushido blade
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