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Originally posted by Sisqocqk
Wow im impressed! I thought for sure a "scooby guru" would have tons of OT secret code, secret OT language and lame inside jokes as a response. Oh well...maybe next time, huh?

First of all you prove my point that the forums are slow because you're in the BAIC forum when you're way the hell in pasadena, a 370mile distance mind you. The BAIC in I C L U B keeps me highly entertained without any need to frequent the SOCAL forum. This is obviously not the case for you.

Here's a map for you too:

Anyway, about my "ghey" name

"Sisqo" was my army callsign when i was with USASOC. My team and myself went on a "ghey" HALO jump at 31000ft and i landed with a major wedgie due to the leg straps on my parachute harness. Thus, my team called me "sisqo" refering to "the thong song"

As for the "cqk" portion... i was know to have considerable knowledge in CQC (close quarter combat or Urban combat as you would probably know from playing SOCOM too much when you're not in OT). Therefore, I wrote my team and companies SOP for urban combat.... "CQK" means "close quarters killer" Hmmm i wonder how i got that "ghey" handle
First of all, why should I know all about OT secrets? I've only recently started posting in there due to sheer boredom at work. If you're going to get all bent out of shape about calling people 'ghey', I suggest you re-read your first post in this thread.

I don't need geography lessons from you since I've made the drive many times. So...what? I can't browse BAIC because I don't live in the Bay Area? Yeah, okay. BAIC used to have some decent posts (i.e. entertaining, or enlightening). I guess I'm looking for too much.

I could care less if you claim to have climbed Everest. You came off a self-righteous intArw3b thug (secret OT code) and was just wondering what gave you the right. I can now see that this is only going to become a pissing contest with you, so carry on big man, I'll leave you to it.

By the way, I've never played SOCOM, so I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Some retarded stereotype or something??

Thanks for the breakdown of your was very informative.

Originally posted by dorifto88
next pitstop....

pasadena with a bushido blade
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