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lol matt, we know you'll be there, we'll try to make it a minivan free event.

for you slower guys, im pretty generous with rides as are most of the faster guys, so if your nice and you spot the faster cars, im sure you can just hop in.

bear mountain sounds like a good idea, i havent been there in a long time

Paul- we wont miss spring valley because spring valley is late. besides i havent been seeing you up there.

lets go ahead and try to set it up for Feb 8th (so infamous can actually go to a meet! LOL) if you give any excuses this time, your not going to hear the end of it. btw, does anyone know if any other clubs etc would have something going on the same day? guess we'll have to search around.

feel free to bring whatever cars, it doesn't have to be subaru.

the problem is the hours that it is light out. i wouldnt want a whole bunch of subarus flying around bear the dark. thats asking for animals to appear in the middle of the road. so it would have to be while its light. its a shame that its not the summer, because than we could plan it even at 7 and it would be light tiil 9.

anymore ideas?

Wrx2nv, your going to have to show me how your car does the twisties. I have a feeling with my car your going to hear alot of tire squeeeeeling.

And i'll have to invite my dad out since he is a rex owner as well and never goes to any meets or anything. (maybe joe can inspire him to modify the car) too bad he'd rather modify the house

should i ask other groups, as in my old dtmpower crew/bimmer forums?

also do we need permission for this sort of thing? or can we all just show up. if you've done this before, just let me know. heck maybe we should get a paintless dent removal guy come as well. im sure there are quite a few scoobies with some winter drift dings.
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