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Hello, [no worries to subaru-only fans, there's subaru stuff at the bottom]

FM2, if you're on the Miata Powerlist or the pages, or you search the archives of either, you can find many great debates between Shiv and the Link guys, including Bill Cardell and Ray Ayala. They've argued the benefits of each till they turned blue in the face (hey, over black and gray text, that's hard to do!)

What it boils down to is that the TEC can do everything the Link can do, better. BUT, the question some people pose is whether you NEED that better capability. I think the fact that the TEC allows Shiv to get almost 190 hp to the wheels on the Miata with an M45 tiny non-intercooled blower is proof already that the TEC is superior...

Add to that the fact that the Subaru stock parts are not as over-spec'd as the miata parts (ie, coils are closer to saturated, etc), and the cost of the Link matches the TEC (add MSD, etc.).

Also more important for the Subaru aspect is the fact that since everyone talks so much about how great the Miatalink is, at least one of the UK Subaru Link-using shops got a Miatalink from Bill. His reaction was something along the lines of Bugger, this thing is amazing! implying the superiority of the Miatalink over the current Subaru Link setups.

Well, so if the miatalink is worse than the TEC (how many 300+ hp Link Miatas are there? I believe zero, though there may be one - and there are many examples of 300+ hp TEC Miatas - Shiv's Frankenmiata included - one of the first miata in that power range) and the Subaru Links are worse than the Miatalink...

I'm not biased Nope not at all. Of course, I've used a Miatalink, and have now even played with the latest and greatest software. I've also used the TEC. I'd say the TEC takes about 1/2 as long to learn and 1/10th as long to become a master of. And along the way, I think you learn far more about engine management because all parameters are REAL as opposed to learning to tune cells.

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