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Originally posted by deft
I'm thinking of getting a guage pod, and at first I was only considering the center guage pod. However, I've read that the center guage pod isn't as easy to see, in a situation where you would want to look quickly, whereas the A-pillar pod would be right there in front of you.

Does anyone have that sort of experience with a center guage pod?

On to the a-pillar.

With the a-pillar I'm afraid that I will lose a bit a visibility, but I'm wondering how bad it woudl be. I know in my Pathfinder, I always try to check around the A-pillar because I know a little car could hide in there, but would the a-pillar pod on a wrx be worse? Or how much trouble would it cause? Also, how noticeable are a-pillar pods from the outside. It's hard to really get a grasp on those sorts of things just from pictures.

Anyway thanks a bunch.
I guess it really depends on what kind of gauges you're looking at installing. Are they going to be one's that need constant attention? I have Boost, Oil Pressure, and Volts mounted in the factory gauge housing (52mm). In the future I'll be relocating the Boost gauge to the steering column. I'll then be able to glance at the speedometer, tachometer, & Boost in one glance. As for the other two, they are not the kind of instruments that require constant monitoring. In my opinion, I find A-pillar mounts to be too "in your face" and "boy racer-ish" for my tastes. Besides, I personally don't find the need to have the gauges in that position. The dash mount is still within my visual range when looking forward and I have warning lights to grab my attention when the readings are out of norm. Maybe you can hook up with some fellow Subaru owners in your area who have one or both set-ups for you to look at. You may be more comfortable with an A-pillar mount.

I agree with can only show you so much.

- Kean
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