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Thanks for the thoughtful replies A few thoughts...

Originally posted by mrmcderm
... if you put stiffer springs on, you instantly have struts that are underdampened ...
Good point, but I don't think this is an issue in this case because the spring rate on the Eibach ProKit is only 5% higher than stock, and I don't think a 5% higher spring rate would result in noticeable underdamping.

Originally posted by BAC5.2
You will screw up the weight balance of the car, and you'll induce a LOT of understeer with the stiffer front end (I think?).
Not sure about "weight balance", but you're right, this will increase understeer a bit. I'd be very surprised if it increased understeer a lot though - anybody have first-hand experience this this? That said, I'm ok with a little more understeer - my wagon has been oversteering a bit ever since I installed the 20mm rear sway bar (OEM sedan bar), so a slight increase in understeer would be ok by me.

Originally posted by BAC5.2
Just lower the whole car all at the same time.
Trouble is, I really think I'll rub if I lower the back, but there's plenty of room to drop the front.
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