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Snow's been pretty decent this season, getting fresh snow every other week or so... a LOT better than the last 2 seasons which have been crappy. You're coming out at the perfect time, i'm sure there'll be some good snow. Seems like mountain temps are usually anywhere in the 10-40 degree range, depending on what time of day and if there are clouds, on top of whatever the weather decides to be like that day.

Powder 'has a lot of good terrain in the backcountry. Some of the funnest stuff after a good snow is off the backside of the Hidden lake lift "the backcountry" which takes you back down to the main road up and a shuttle picks you up there. That's where most of the great snow will be. We used to spend most of our time back there (i grew up riding powder mountain, then switched to snowbasin because they offered sweet season pass deals to college kids for a while and put in gondolas... now i'm spoiled). They now have opened some new areas for powder riding that take you down way below any of the lifts and you take a snowcat back up. I personally haven't been into those areas but some people swear by it.

If you're going to be at Wolf Creek you definitely want to cruise over to Snowbasin for a day (it's pretty close to wolf creek, just on the other side of the lake). Most all of the employees up there have bad attitudes but the mountiain is awesome and long and they've got a couple of gondolas that get you to the top of the mountain so fast that you'll get plenty of runs in.. and they keep your feet from achin and freezin.

I've not been up to Powder' this year, but on the Sundown lift they put up a couple of boxes and rails and big table-tops near the end of the season, not sure if they'll be up yet. And when they get around to carving it out, they sometimes have a pretty sweet pipe. They bought a pretty good sized pipe dragon (snowcat for carvin perfect pipes) a few years ago but sometimes it's nice, and sometimes it's dead.

Hidden lake also usually has a pretty sweet cornus up near the top of the lift (you'd see it off to the left) that sometimes gets pretty huge and is a blast to bomb off when the snow's soft. If yer lucky (maybe once or twice a season) it grows out to be a good 15-25 foot drop into a nice long soft runout... tons of fun.

Overall, powder is kind of a pain because there's not a whole lot of elevation really, and all the lifts are pretty slow, except for the paradise lift, but if the snow's crappy there's not much down that way.

I'd recommend definitely hit a day at Snowbasin and just ignore the snotty lifties and ticket checker nazis, and if you've got time hit up some Brighton or Snowbird for a sweet day of riding. They've got a super-mini-park at the bottom with some short low rails and up on the Porky lift they've got a couple big kickers and rails setup (and a see-saw rail, pretty fun), but it sucks ballz up there in crappy weather, gets real windy/icy. Park City Resort also usually has a great pipe and fun park setup, but i only end up there in the spring, so i'm not sure how the fresh snow treats you up there.

Oh, and on wax, i get my board waxed maybe once every other year and never rub extra on... the hills are steep enough that unless your board is dry and scratched or you're a downhill racer, you shouldn't have much of a problem.

Never used Diamond peak heli, but they take you to some pretty smooth spots that would otherwise take foreeeeever to hike to. If you've got the $$$, definitely try it. For that matter, there are some serious extreme spots up at snowbasin that you can hike to if yer up for it, but i never do that anymore 'cause i'm lazy and don't make it up more than a few weekends a month, so i take all the runs i can get.
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