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Post What was your first car (Subaru or not)?

Reading the thread started by MFerrara has got me thinking. To all you posters, i'm curious to know what cars you've driven prior to your Subaru Impreza now. And i'm more interested in hearing about prior other import or even non-import performance car purchases and 1st car beaters that were handmedowns from the rents or that first summer job. Sometimes we appreciate what we have more when we think about the POS we used to drive/own =)

Anyways to start off, my first car was a 1986 black Ford Aerostar Minivan. This thing was a piece of junk, was very top heavy, built on a non-sturdy Ford Taurus chassis that carried more load than it was designed too. It died a fitting death when i rear ended someone (a Jeep Cherokee) on a bad rainy day at 30 mph. The fuel injectors and engine was trashed on the Aerostar, the Jeep suffered a dent in its rear bumper

My 2nd car was my dad's old 1991 Dodge Stealth R/T auto (yes neither he nor i knew how to drive stick *shamed*) and i had a lotta fun driving it, being seen in it and owning car is what started my interest in sports and performance cars, especially imports. As I said, it was a great image car (black too boot, but it never really suited my personality or style.

So when i started car shopping around 2000 cause i knew i was going to need a new car before i moved and finished school (stealth already had 120K miles and some body damage from a small crunch, and the auto-tranny was starting to act up=:0 ), i started looking seriously into my own new first car purchase and looked at all the cars in a certain price range which included: Civic Si, Jetta GLX, Golf Gti, Prelude, Integra and last but not least, the Impreza RS. It started to boil down to the Civic and the Impreza, and the Civic being such a car for the masses and esp performance masses, the allure of a rally based car with totally unique looks, personality, only one being AWD in its class (except for the Eclipse GSX)and living in michigan was enough for me to get really excited about the RS. Plus having to wait 8 weeks for my car to arrive only made it that much more special....and learning to drive stick on it as well. I think some ppl will agree that the 99RS doesn't have the easiest clutch in the world for a newbie

Ok, enough reminiscing from me, i'd like to hear your stories too!

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