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Just to clarify -- the Silverstars aren't bad. They're pretty good bulbs, in fact, they are made in the same exact way that the XtraVisions are made. They are both bulbs built to higher specifications and output more light than the stock bulbs.

However, don't be fooled, it's the same basic halogen, filament based light technology... which means naturally yellow light. The only way to get the whiteish xenon HID type light is to use a filter -- thats why silverstar bulbs are BLUE -- just imagine taking blue saran wrap and wrapping it around your headlights or desklight -- instant blue light! The problem is that you get blue light because a filter filters out all the color wavelengths except for the color of the filter. What ends up happening is that you end up actually sacrificing some of the light output in order to get whiter light.

That's the whole clutch reason behind Silverstars and why they are a legal blue/white bulb is because of the better construction -- with the better constructed bulb, the light output is increased while the wattage stays the same (and safe), so the naturally increased output of the bulb compensates for the natural decrease of the output due to the blue film.

So what happens? In the end, I have a good hunch that the SilverStars are definitely going to be an improvement over stock. Let's just hypothetically say that the better contstructed bulbs increase brightness by 33%, and the film decreases brightness by 15%. You still have a 18% increase over stock.

The whole point about the XtraVisions is that if your goal is to increase light output because you think the stock headlights suck at life, then why not buy the best bulb you can get with a maximum 33% brightness increase? Why compromise that with the film? Not to mention the fact that since XtraVisions aren't "cool," they are in fact cheaper than SilverStars despite the fact that they are the same bulb, except without the light robbing blue tint film.

Now, if you're honest about things and you want to improve looks, and yellow bothers you, then thats another thing. Go ahead and buy the SilverStars. They are 10 times the bulbs the stockers are, and are 50 times the bulbs that the cheesy PIAAs and other pieces of blue crap that you'll find on ebay are. All I ask is that you acknowledge that you're compromising performance for... looks.

~ NeoteriX

edit: oh yeah -- I forgot to add. Yeah, it seems that you can only get the Phillips Hi Visibility bulbs like at only one store on the internet now. For $12 each. Pretty pricy.
A while back when K-Mart was going through financial restructuring to recover from its bankruptcy, several stores were selling them at like rediculous prices... I think I picked up like 6 pairs for $5 each or something. I ended up already selling them on NASIOC.

Honestly, I would go with the XtraVisions. You can find them more readily, and whereas I wasn't sure of a difference between the XtraVisions (eyes are notoriously poor judges of light -- thats why you'll get people wasting $$$ on crappy blue ebay bulbs and think that the light output is stupendous) and hivisibility bulbs, there is an absolute difference between the stockers and xtravisions. I even took a picture of the front of my car with one stock and one xtravision...
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