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Have a Nice Day? Please please help me!!!!!!

I have an OBS and just installed a MY00 RS front bumper with all the goodies including subaru fog lights, new bumper beam, clear turn signals, it look great. I had driven the car later that day and no probs. Tonight i was coming homw on the highway and all of a sudden the car was acceleraating by itself!!! The first thing i though was that the floor mat was stuck but i check it and it wasnt. I was really pressing on the brake and i was barly slowing down. I shifted into neutral and the RPM went WAY up past 7000!! I love my car and i decided not to blow up my enging and pulled over. I poped the hood and there was no kind of hangup on the gas cable thingy and i decided to try again. Same frekin thing, i barly made to the dealership and am leaving it overnight, any suggentions?, I think that they are going to tell me that i did some thing while installing the bumper and of fog lights? (i didnt use the factory wiring harness, i bought one a an autoparts and used it so that i could run higher watt bulbs) Thanks, Brian Valen
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