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Not to beat up on you, but 8000K is not optimum for light output. Anything above 5000K will be more blue/purple, have more glare and produce less usable light. It's also not the best idea to retrofit HIDs into the stock reflector housings, but since you've already bought them-
First, check the bulbs to be sure they are the proper type for reflector housings. They should be D2R type which have an anti-glare mask on the bulb glass. If they don't have that mask they are D2S type which is for use in projectors. Try to exchange them if they're D2S.
You'd normally want to disable your daytime running lights when installing HID's, although that may be a problem in Canada since they are required by law and I believe you will fail inspection if they don't work. If you don't care and want to disable them anyway, unplug the main DRL control module next to the glovebox. There are threads here you can search for that detail its exact location and how to unplug it. If you decide to keep your DRLs, make sure you do NOT connect the negative wires from the HID ballasts to the factory headlight plugs. You must wire them as follows-
The HID ballast will have a positive and negative input. Connect the negative wire from each ballast directly to a chassis ground or the negative battery terminal. Connect the positives to the center pin of the factory headlight connector on each side, this is the common headlight power. If your kit doesn't include any type of plug-in connectors for your car you'll have to cut and splice the connections. Make the connection to the factory harness by either soldering and heat-shrinking or butt-splicing and taping. The connection must be electrically sound and well-insulated.
Some HID kits will blow the 15A headlight fuses when first turned on, due to the high current the ballasts draw at startup. If this happens, the headlight fuses can be replaced with 20A ones. Do not go any higher. If they still blow there is a problem, the ballasts will not draw that much.
It's also possible to use relays to power the HIDs directly from the battery, but if your kit doesn't include relays and instructions you'd need help to do this.
Finally, be aware if you aren't already that when you install the HIDs in your stock lights you will lose your high beams. And one more thing, aim them very carefully to minimize the chance of blinding other drivers.
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