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Have a Nice Day? Watch out at Tully and Capital Expressway, and weekend woes-Leave your front light on

Man people are crazy aroudn that part. I was on Capital Expressway turning left onto Tully. I was in the righthand left turning lane with maybe a late 80s truck next to me. As you all know it was pretty damp today. The light turned green, I looked both ways and began to move. I was going the same speed as the truck on the side of me which wasn't fast or slow. Then all of a sudden this dumb blue taurus comes hauling butt making a righthand turn onto Tully. The sign says yield but I guess he thought it meant I was supposed to yield. I was forced to try to get into the middle lane but the truck on the other side wanted to be in that lane and started to come over. So now my choices were, slam on the brakes and see what happens, hit the truck, hit the taurus, or hit the gas. So as anyone else would do I hit the gas and watched as I NARROWLY avoid a bad collision. But then I see the taurus panic and I'm not sure exactly what he did (brake hard or try to peel out) but he lost control of the car and hit and even went over the curb and took out a bush. It would have been scary to be crunched by an older truck and a big bad taurus.

The weekend woes part: My friend and I went for a fun drive around the city on Saturday night. We got back home at about 2AM or so....He said "Don't tell me someone just broke into my car!" As I drove past his car to get into the driveway. I said "What??" And when I stopped the car we ran to his car. He has a 98 Chevy Prizm with a windshield drop of VEHICLESOUND.COM (his site that he owns) and two JL Audio decals on his rear windows. We ran to it and noticed that someone came by and must have used a bat or something but made two giant holes in the sides of the rear window. We then looked at my dad's Buick in front of his and it got hit also. They didn't take anything, they just went and smashed the rear windshield. We were like "Holy sh" We drove around and noticed two other cars were hit also, an older model Toyota Corolla, and an older model Toyota Celica. Also upon our observations, we noticed that the cars that were hit were all parked near the sidewalk and not in driveways and were also in dimmly lit areas.
So everyone please take caution. Turn on your front porch light as the little buttheads didn't seem to like anyplace with light. Turning on your light can also scare away people from doing other things as they might be thinking they will be seen or heard.
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