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Your best bet is to call Cobb on the phone and ask for their recommendation. I researched the devil out of intakes when writing this FAQ. I was amazed to see that some manufacturers make "worry free" intakes. My experience:

I called Cobb to order my AccessPort and asked them specifically about these "worry free" intakes to see if they had maps for them or since they were "worry free" if I even needed a special map. I was greeted with a fierce chorus of, "don't waste your money" to all of my very pointed questions. My intake Q&A lasted about 10 minutes and the advice I was given never wavered. To sum it up, I was told when they tune for an intake it is generally so conservative that it removes most of the gains that these intakes claim to make. Most manufacturers post the dyno results with gains, but don't post the helter skelter A/F ratio charts. Once tuning occurs to fix the A/F ratios, much of the gains go away as well. These unusual A/F ratios are caused by incorrect piping diameter, incorrect MAF sensor placement, and lack of turbulence smoothing in the piping itself.

Obviously, this is the opinion of one tuner. Cobb themselves are in development of an intake as well, so maybe they know something the other tuners don't. Also to their credit, they are the only tuner on the block that tunes Subarus as a soul source of income. This FAQ was written as a good baseline for further research, I suggest you reasearch some more and come to your own conclusion as to wether an intake fits your overall plan.
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