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Originally posted by wlchan
I have a few mores questions.

1. Where can I find THREE BOND 1105 that is require for the rear differential?

2. Are worth the money? Or is it easy to do without those? Where can I find a detail instruction on changing the brake fluids (like instructions at scoobymods where they have lots of pictures and explainations)? I found a lot of threads on how to do it, but none of them had many pictures.

3. I want to switch my brake fluid to Motul 600. When draining, how will I know when the old fluid ends and the new fluid starts?

4. If I was to buy the BKR7E, does it come gapped already or does that not matter?

1. Dont need it, just torque like cnk said. Just make sure the plugs are clean before you plug them back into the diff. I used Redline 75w90 with LSD additive.. I also drained out the tranny as well and used the same Redline.. I used just under 5 qt. today for the tranny and rear lsd. Run the car warm and then drain the oil.. it will flow out faster and you'll get more of the old oil out. Takes about a good 20 mins before the oil stops leaking out of the car.. it's like sludge..

2. Speedbleeders are not neccessary.. but having a sober buddy helping you to bleed does Just make sure your buddy holding the pedal down doesnt let up before you tighten the valve up, or you'll have air flowing back into the lines.

3. You probably wont know if the fluids are the same color.. but usually if you go through a quart of the brake fluid, it's pretty much flushed.. I use ATE Super Blue Brake fluid and ATE Yellow Brake fluid (same stuff, just different color). You'll know when you do a full flush when the fluid changes color.

4. Ask the dealer about the plugs... some come pre-gapped, some not... I bought DENSO Iridium from and yes, gapping is important. You dont want it too far or the electrodes wont conduct and if it's too close, it wont ignite enough of the mixture to my understanding.. colder plugs are good when you are running the car really hard, especially if you are running lean...

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