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I have a very serious problem that I need help on.

I recently: replace the spark plugs, change the tranny and rear differential fluids, oil change, air and fuel filter change.

My car is doing some really strange stuff right now.
1. The car makes these popping noises when I start moving from first gear. The noises feel and sound like it is almost right under the clutch area. It pops once on the left side and then once of the right side. It also makes these popping noises when I am turning at a slow speed, and sometimes when I'm cruising around 45mph.
2. The car makes these horrible clanking/grinding noise when I'm slowing down. This is not the same normal noise when you are slowing down while in gear.
3. These noises don't appear on cold starts. They usually appear after the car is warmed up.

This is really freaking me out. I have the car in the garage, and I'm afraid to even drive it around the block.

You guys think it might be my tranny fluid. When I replaced the fluid, I filled it up to the F mark. I checked it the next day, and it was at the same place. Then I checked it 2 days later while the car was hot, the fluid mark was half an inch above the F (the entire dipstick was completely filled with fluid when I first pulled it out). I check it the same day when the car was cold, and the fluid mark was half way between L and F. Would this cause the problem?

I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

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