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Originally posted by LotusDrift
ps, I know a lot of new people to the wrx think its going to be a good mod, I completely understand this. That is why we should come right out and say, don't do it unless you want less power, slow building boost between shifts, and less drivability (in so many words). If you want to sacrifice all those things for a noise makers, than at least you were informed first...
Hats off to you LotusDrift. That was very well put. While you didn't "pussyfoot" around you also didn't flame (it is just too tempting for me to flame anyone who posts the infamous "got a BOV question" and I really must stop because it brings out all the BOV diehards and no one listens anyway). Unfortunately, those green to the Subaru, especially the younger crowd seems all to enticed with noise makers and hyperwhite lights even at the detriment of performance, visibility and their bank accounts. So, while we try our best to make a difference (being nice, and sometimes not) our simple advice or forewarning is simply not headed. I suppose we must learn to let people get a trial by fire.

Unabomber: I guess I indeed should have thanked you first off as you are a wonderful contributor to this forum. You always add intelligent things and have more self restraint than I in your replies. You lead by example in what has now seemed to fill up with noobs. Well, thanks. While everything that you posted in your FAQ is what I try to get across I can't always keep it civil so this thread will pose a nice alternative toward the urge to flame (which really should be avoided, it starts too much trouble even when you don't mean to ).

As a possible addition to the FAQ you may add that as an additional side effect/cosmetic concern of running rich is the black soot you are likely to leave on your bumper (especially with no cats). We have all seen the black soot, now you know what it is, unburned fuel!

Originally posted by LotusDrift
Replacing anything is not intelligent
While this statement is way too open-ended as brake pads need to be "replaced" however I think we know what you meant. This statement seems incorrect to me. Stainless steel brake lines have no ill effect on the brake system I am aware of. Removing the EGT sensor and cat from the Upipe can prevent parts of these from being ingested by the turbo. These are only two small examples but you get the idea, there are many things you can replace that the factory cheaped out on to make the car less expensive or restricted and actually improve reliability. Just my .02 . Don't mean to thread steal and hope I didn't as the FAQ is what is most relevant in this thread.
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