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Originally posted by Glenn Wallace
Why would SOA care about a piston failure on a modified engine?

How you handled the engine management is out of their control.

Please stick to the subject of what is in the car, or the metallurgy.
Because the damage was mostlikely done prior to the modifications. Detonation caused by the ECU that my dealer refused to reflash. In addition, the post was to determine if the pistons are cast or forged. The picture is for the purpose of answering the original post....therefore it is sticking to the subject. I am sorry if you are unable to see that it is related.

Everyone wants some proof as to the statement of the original post ...forged or not. The picture of my piston IS related to the METALLURGY.

Maybe you need to relax a bit and not be in such a hurry to flame posts that don't conform to your views.
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