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Default OT please critique my resume

I havenít any luck getting an interview since I graduated in December. I'm beginning to think thereís something wrong with my resume (I Know IT sucks but I havenít had a single bite). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


A position in Computer Networking


MCP 2000 server, MCP 2000 Workstation,and A+ certified

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 9x, Linux Desktop,
TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, HTML, Word, Access, PowerPoint,
Excel,and Adobe PhotoShop


BS Degree, Information Technology, Dec. 2003
College name city, State

AS Degree, Network Engineering, May 2002
College name city, State



Company city, State
Computer support Technician

Support internal software, printing, and network
connectivity issues.

Provide internal customer service to 200+ end users.

Develop and instruct quarterly student workshops.


previous Company city, State
Computer Assistant (CO-OP)

Supported internal software and network
connectivity related issues.

Prepared daily software, hardware and network
configurations, as required by scheduled classes.

Tested wireless network connectivity throughout
the collegeís campus on a bimonthly basis.


previous previous Company city, State
Hardware Technician (CO-OP)

Troubleshot problems in hardware, software,
computer installations, and network configurations.

Installed network solutions which included routers,
switches, servers, workstations, terminals, printers,
UPS devices, patch panels, Ethernet jacks, and
CAT5 cable runs.

Acquired a better understanding of integrated system
solutions such as Windows/Linux/Unix by performing
daily operations in a heterogeneous environment.
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