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I was in a really bad mood last night, looking at my rear wheels, one looked way off. I jacked it up this morning and luckily everything looks ok at the rear. It must have been the way the car was parked (on a slight angle with a wheel in a depression) that made it look screwed up.

For my final (and hopefully last) question, how can I tell if the steering rack is damaged? Steering feels 100% normal and responsive/sharp, but it bugs me that the wheel is off in the clockwise direction about 15 degrees. Could the bent control arm alone be the cause for the 15 degrees off clockwise rotation of the steering wheel?

I think the control arm could be the cause, and here's my logic. If the front wheel got pushed back and in, it could "push" the steering to the right, and since the tire/wheel is also pushed towards the rear of the vehicle, that would cause it to pull left as I experience. In summary, it seems plausible to me that the bent control arm could be the cause of the non-centered steering wheel, but a lot of members on this forum know a lot more about cars than me, so I thought I would ask. Thanks a lot again guys.

Hopefully in on week I can on.
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