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And Yeah, I agree with naylor that we are getting a TAD bit out of hand.

I almost took that whole opinion back out the window as I read RR's post... Despicable attitude.

Better Cliff Notes so we can all be done:

-Peter Talks Smack to Mike at Meet, Says he will be counting minutes at the bottom of the canyon after he smokes the STi on the way down. He can 'take mike on the street anytime'

-Peter drives irratically and unsafe behind Mike in the canyon.

-Mike Fearing an accident and knowing the limits of the street, backs off and lest Peter pass, which he does in a not so graceful manner.

-Peter crashes his mini moments later. All smack talking and attitude now look ridiculous.

-Mike posts on NASIOC about the events. Offers when Peter repairs his car to take any lingering doubts to the track, LOOSER PAYS FEES.

-Peter finds his way to NASIOC, begins talking more smack anout how:
A. It wasn't REALLY a crash
B. It was a tire blow out.
C. The rear Tie-Rod broke
D. He will accept the challenge and smoke mike on the track.

-Peter continues to talk smack on NASIOC, now joined by a cadre of other mini owners who support him.

-Talk continues, Subaru owners are made to feel like they have a snowballs chance in hell. The Mini owners claim that the M7 race car is really just an average mini and they have already won by the two cars even being compared, and they will win even more when Peter dominates on the track with his 25 years expierence to mikes 0.

-Months Later the track showdown begins.

-More smack talk is issued as Peter shows a dominating lead in practice.

-Time Trial/Competition takes place The next day:

-Mike Wins. Again all smack talking and attitude displayed AGAIN now look ridiculous.

-Peter doesn't pay track fees.

-Mini guys dissapear from NASIOC

-Mini guys claim that:
A. It wasn't really a loss.
B. Peter is still a better driver.
C. It was the tires fault, AGAIN
D. The faster times in practice mean more then the challenge results.

-Peter says to mike after challenge: "I'll take you on the street anytime"

Lather, Rinse, Repeat cycle...


Now I too grow tired of this charade... Read the notes... if you need more study the thread... Lets give this one up.... You can't make someone un-learn poor spirit
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