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Default clutch chatter

i've been getting clutch chatter more often since the weather has been getting warmer and warmer...i'm thinking that the clutch disk is soaking up some moisture...

like, say i'm at the stop light on a hill or something...and i shift into first and start moving, i'll get a lot of chatter...the car kinda jerks as if the clutch isn't can't grab the flywheel...and when i shift, i'll get a little more usually only happens on sloped roads...

i've read that it goes away after the clutch is warmed up...but how do you warm it up? should i let it slip a little when first engaging it?

it's really frustrating...i think i'm going to end up getting a new clutch and my flywheel resurfaced in the next month or so...

any input guys?

EDIT: i've been reading a little more...and my problem might be bogging, but i'm not sure...could anybody enlighten me on the concept of bogging?
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