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Boost Control FAQ
Built Motor FAQ
Car Buying FAQ
Car Storage FAQ
Clutch & Flywheel FAQ
Cooling System FAQ
Differential FAQ
Downpipe FAQ
Engine Management FAQ
Exhaust FAQ
Gauge FAQ
Header FAQ
Injector, Fuel Pump, and Fuel Rail FAQ
Intake FAQ
Intercooler Hose FAQ
Maintenance FAQ
Piston FAQ
Pulley FAQ
Search FAQ
Shifting FAQ
Shipping FAQ
Soldering/Electrical FAQ
Spark Plug FAQ
Spring/Strut/Coilover FAQ
Subaru FAQ
Subaru Caravan FAQ
Subaru Meet FAQ
Suspension & Driveline FAQ
TGV Deletes FAQ
Tool FAQ
Transmission FAQ
Tuner FAQ
Turbo FAQ
Turbo Inlet FAQ
Turbo Timer FAQ
Uppipe FAQ
Wheel FAQ

Not mine, but "Unabomber approved":
Alky/Water/Meth Injection FAQ
Catch Can FAQ
Swaybar FAQ

With these FAQs, I try to be product neutral and just give facts, or when facts are not available, quote "common logic". These FAQs are by no means all encompassing. They are meant to fill in 80% of the gaps, shorten your personal research time, and narrow your future search parameters. As information changes, I update these from time to time as well. I strive for accuracy, so if you see an error, please let me know. I do not "subscribe" to any of these FAQs, so if you have a correction, please make it in the thread and I will research and update when I have time.

13:1 steering rack install in 04 GG Wagon
How to make j00 valves happy AKA great and sage DIT motor advice
Subaru Mid Life AKA things to strongly consider when your Subaru hits 100,000+ miles.
How to wrap your turbo
How to wrap your header/uppipe
How to fix janky trim
How to fix a janky steering wheel
How to paint janky car parts
Rear suspension bushings
Best oil vs. Worst oil AKA does it really matter?
How to make your car faster and reduce the stress on your transmission
This post contains my opinion of the "best" commonly used power upgrades.
This post contains my guide to buying items on eBay.
This post contains a simplified version of how to do the H-6 rear brake upgrade on a WRX.
This post contains every type of mud flaps available for the WRX/STi.
This post contains questions no one on NASIOC can answer.
This post contains my exhaust dB testing info.
This post contains my interview with Kartboy.
This post contains my interview with Turn in Concepts.
This post contains my interview with Mach V.
This post contains my interview with OAKOS Automotive.
This post contains upgrades you can do to with a Cobb Accessport other than a TBE.
This post contains my opinon as to first level modifications.

My old dyno results
My new dyno results
My new, new, dyno results
My new, new, new, not playing around new dyno results
My new, new, new, new, not playing around, crazy badass dyno results
My new, new, new, new, new, not playing around new, crazy badass OMFGLOLWTFBBQ dyno results
My 2020 because racecar build

What I have on my car for those with interest:

2004 Subaru WRX Sports Wagon

Power Mods
2.5L Hybrid using JE FSR Pistons, Eagle rods, ported and polished heads, OEM everything else
Grimmspeed Pulley
TurboXS downpipe no cat version
TurboXS adapter (makes downpipe normal OEM length)
Borla Hush catback
Killer B equal length header + v-band uppipe
CSS Performance FMIC
Blouch 3.5XT-R Ball Bearing Turbo
Grimmspeed TGV deletes
Grimmspeed FMIC phenolic gaskets
IAG billet cam seals
Turn In Concepts FU cam bolts
Walbro fuel pump
APS turbo inlet
ID 1000 injectors
IAG fuel rails
gotadomtune coolant bypass
Cobb AccessPORT ver 3
TurboXS big MAF intake
Grimmspeed BCS
Mishimoto radiator

Driveline Mods
STi short shifter (installed option) (later given away, so I only have the linkage)
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
Group N engine mounts
Kartboy short throw shifter
Kartboy pitch stop mount
Kartboy shifter bushings
Kartboy rear shifter bushings
Kartboy rear differential bushings
Kartboy transmission mount bushings
Turn in Concepts rear differential mount bushings
Turn in Concepts pivot bushings
Turn in Concepts rear lateral link and trailing arm bushings
PPG helical synchro 1-4 gears
Group N transmission mount
South Bend KSB03-SS-TZ Stage 3 Endurance clutch
PPG torsen front differential
Cusco 1.5 way rear differential
Andrewtech Automotive R160 aluminum differential cover

Suspension Mods
OEM 2003 20 mm sedan rear sway bar
OEM 2004 STi rear sway bar bushings
Fortune Auto 510 with optional Swift Spring upgrade 7 kgf/mm front, 6 kgf/mm rear
Kartboy front end links
Kartboy rear end links
Whiteline subframe lockout bolts
JDM GC8 aluminum control arms
Nolathane control arm bushings
Whiteline comfort ALK
eBay front strut tower bar
STI front belly cross brace
2015 STI steering rack
2013 STI subframe (for "easier" steering rack install)
Solid STI steering knuckle
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Cusco steering rack brace
IAG HP power steering line
Flat 4 Motorsport LP power steering line

Tire/Brake Mods
Subaru OEM 4 pot fronts
Subaru OEM 2 pot rears
DBA DBA5010BLKS two piece rotors front
KNS 4K rotors rear
Hawk pads F/R
Continental DWS 235/45-17 + Mach V Awesome Wheels in gunmetal
Motegi lug nuts
Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
Grimmspeed brake bracket

ICE Mods
Infinity Reference Series 6010cs tweeters in the front doors (Got rid of 6.5 Inch speakers)
Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5 Inch Two-Way Speakers
IA Performance speaker spacers
David Navalone line out convertor
Rockford Fosgate 8 gauge power amplifier kit
Kenwood KAC-606 amplifier
OEM subwoofer
Pioneer TS-G1045R 4" rear speakers
Omori Boost Gauge
PSI3 ECU Data Monitor

Exterior Mods
2004 STi hoodscoop
2004 STi splitter
2004 STi shroud
OEM 2004 Impreza TS mud flaps (modified to fit)
OEM STi fog light covers

Other Mods
Crawford AOS
STI oil pan
Fumoto oil valve
Throttle body bypass mod
PIAA silicone wiper blades
Kartboy battery tie down
DEI turbo blanket
Custom Kartboy delrin oil cap
Grimmspeed hood struts

And since there has been a request for it, here are the maintenance items/fluids I use so far:
1. Motor Oil: WalMart Supertech 5W-30 synthetic.
2. Drain plug: Fumoto Oil Valve.
3. Oil filter: WalMart Supertech or whatever is on sale.
4. Transmission fluid: Redline lightweight shockproof with 1 quart of Mobil to thin it out.
5. Differential fluid: non synthetic 75W90 generic Dollar Store stuff.
5. Air Filter: SPT Intake. When I had the stocker, I just used OEM paper panel filter.
6. Coolant: Subaru cooling system conditioner, Red Line Water Wetter, 1 gallon of distilled water, and 1 gallon of Peak Global Extended Life coolant.
7. Brake Fluid: Valvoline generic stuff or whatever is on sale at the Discount Auto at the time.
8. Spark Plugs: Denso iridium IK22 one step colder .030 gap

Oh and in case you are's just a dumb username, there is no meaning behind it.

Ron from Virginia Beach
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