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Originally posted by WRXsPWN
just hit a curb at about 25 same issues as scooterforever pretty much. need new
control arm
outer tierod(looked fine to me but only 54 bucks)
rear control arm bushing
knuckle and bearing(didnt look bent to me either)

about 1500 bucks they are saying. the interesting issue is that my rear control arm bushing looked simmilar to yours, where the bolts shifted, i asked the service writer about it and he coulda been feeding me a line, but he said that they are mounted in a manner that they can shift exactly liek that to save the frame from damage.
You may want to order the parts yourself from like I did. If the parts are in the country, they will get them to their dealership in a matter of days, and can ship them to you 3 day prioroty mail. The reason I mention this is because your price quote sounds a little pricey.

The STi control arm (which includes the rear bushing, front bushing, and ball joint) cost me about $260. With proper tools, labor time for changing those pieces should be 2 hours max. Add a 4-wheel alignment for about $60 and I don't see how they can be anywhere close to $1500. My total damages were ~$2000, only because BBS rims cost $400 each and 3 of them were hurt, along with two tires. The actual suspension damage is pretty inexpensive.

The Subaru technical manual suggests the oblong holes on the frame are for adjustment purposes. They may also be there to keep the frame from taking damage, but that's not stated in the manual.

Go to google, and search for STi_Manual

Download a web downloader like the one at

Paste in the URL, and 380 megs later you'll have the Impreza manuals. Then, you can call a Subaru dealership and ask for the parts by name, and they can give you a price. Even if you fragged a rim, I can't see your total damages being over $600, including an alignment...
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