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Cool The Official Nasioc FunnAy-Man Tournament MASTER thread

It's not rocket science, we'll vote on who we think is funnier. Not funnier right now, but over their career is teh most funnAy.
This thread will be used to chart the progress. There will be 2 days to vote for each Poll. I will do 2 "regions" at a time through the 1st round. I need help with some more honorable mentions.

The Brackets
Old School
Steve Martin (Flydini)
Bill Murray (VULTURE VOMIT !!!)
Richard Pryor (Dave Chappelle's inspiration)
Bill Cosby (HEY hey hey)
The "Kings"
DL Hugely
Steve Harvey
Bernie Mac
Cedric "the entertainer"
Physical Entertainers
Jim Carrey (If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer)
John Belushi (animal house .)
Dana Carvey (Wouldn't be prudent)
Robin Williams (used to be funnAy)
Jerry Seinfeld (what 's up with this thread?)
Eddie Murphy (I can't type his laugh)
Billy Crystal (Have fun storming the castle)
Dennis Leary (**** everone)
New School
Ben Stiller (Why male models?)
Dave Chappelle (<insert one-liner>, bitch)
Will Ferrell (I feel like I'm taking crazy pills)
Owen Wilson (He's so hot right now)
Janeane Garofalo (woman Jerry)
Sarah Silverman (taller skinnier Janeane)
Ellen Degeneres (Funny before she was a lesbian)
Gilda Radner (Old people tell me she was funnAy)
Late Night
WINNER---Conan (For me to poop on)
David Letterman (Isn't that right, Paul?)
Jay Leno (uhh........Big chin {sorry all I got})
Johnny Carson (Wierd and Wild stuff)
Homer Simpson (obligitory "doh")
Cartman (I would never hurt someone, unless they really pissed me off)
Peter Griffin (I'm gonna have sex with this bagel)
Stong Bad (The reason we all started using "obligitory" all of the sudden)

Honorable Mentions
FunnAy, but didn't make the playoffs
Chris Farely
David Spade
Kevin Nealon
Mike Myers
Mitch Hedberg
Entire Cast of RENO 911
Tim Allen
Ray Romano
Tom Arnold
Martin Short
Dan Akroyd
Chevy Chase
Steven Wright
Rich Vos
Colin Quinn
Louis Black
Dave Attel
Jimmy Kimmel
Adam Carola
Robert Schimell
Jim Norton
Patrice Oneal
Greg Giraldo
John Candy
George Carlin
Mike Myers
Brian Regan
*more coming soon*

Just not funny
Adam Sandler
Carrot Top
Gilbert Godfrey
Bill Maher
*MANY more coming soon*
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