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Question About to hit 6000 km, need some problems diagnosed

I'm nearing 6000km and schedueled for my next service. Before I go in I'd like some opinions from you guys, to avoid extra time/money spent at the shop.

First I don't baby my car, but I did follow suggested brake in, and I haven't auto-x, rally-x, etc..

In the past month I've developed a couple of quirks that have me thinking. Any help at all would be appreciated.

1) Brakes are squeaking. Getting more noticable as time goes on. With only 6000km, I'm assuming they just need a little cleaning or adjusting. Not too worried about this one.

2) My allignment seems to point left most of the time. Gets really aggrevating. And when coming to a complete stop, sometimes my wheel will suddenly shift to one side. Is this a brake thing? Brakes + allignment?

3) This is the most aggravating. 20-30% of the time I will get HARD engine braking in first, second and sometimes third. It may exist in the other gears, but I'm usually not playing with the throttle as much in 4th and 5th. As soon as I take my foot off the gas, the engine will bog down, almost as if I had given the brakes a hard jab. This one worries me because I don't know if I will be able to repeat this with the mechanic in the car...

4) I've had my gas light come on when the tank was just above 1/4 tank. I tried taking a turn heavily to move the gas around, but it stayed on until I stopped and restarted the car. I also noticed when my gas light came on on another occasion (actually empty) I was getting the same engine response as noted before. Really rough deceleration. Could these all be tied to an O2 sensor? No CE lights yet, so I'm sorta lost...

Thanks if you read this whole post.. any suggestions?

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