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Default Tire Review: Firestone Firehawk SZ50EP

Hey guys here is are my thoughts on the Firestone Firehawk SZ50EP tire. The size is 225-40-18. Well I did my research months before i made my purchase. Oh also, I am coming from Yokohama AVS ES100, which I thought are good tires. Much bettter than the stock re92s of course. As of today I have racked in about 330 miles so far. Still need to break them in more. But from what I can notice and feel, these are the best tires I have had. Considering this is my second set of high performance tires. I will be comparing these to the Yokohama AVS ES100 (225-40-18).

These tires simply kick the #### out of the AVS ES100. Dont get me wrong tho, the es100s are good tires, but these firehawks are hands down a night and day difference. Steering response in compared to the yokes is much much responsive. The car turns so much better than before. These tires simply stick to the road. No review in the rain, but from what i hear they are good in the rain as well. Driving my car just puts more of a smile on my face than before. Its just amazing how sticky these tires are! Oh and lastly, the treadwear is 340!!! AA wet traction and A for temperature. These tires are sleeper tires that not too many people know about or are scared to try out, these are the tires you should be running if you cant afford s03s, they are cheaper than s03s by 20 or 30 bux. All I have to say is these tires are much much better than the es100s. If you think the yokes are good, you definitely need to try these firestones out!!

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