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This thread was posted in another forum...

But there is no monopoly in importing cars into Canada. Whoever states that is full of BS.

The only way to import cars from outside canada (outside of the authorized US cars list into canada) is the 15 year exemption law.

There are no loopholes, there are no other legal ways of bringing them in, except through the 15 year excemption law.

The US does not have a 15 year import law, their's is 25 years.

The only other way to bring them into the US is spend money to crash test 9 cars, and get them all certified to meet US regulations.

As of right now Motorex is the only autorized dealer by the US to import Skylines from Japan into the US, because they spent the money to crash test and certify their cars. Which is why they cost so much because they must go through modifications to meet US standards. They don't have a monopoly, it's just no one else has entered the market

PS if you're taking about the dude who was bringing in newer GTRs MR2s and Z32s in to Canada, he marked them down as being 1988 cars...I seriously hope that guy gets screwed over, I feel sorry for his customers, but their cars will be crushed.
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