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I encourage anybody who doubts the legality of Silverstone's GTR to check it out for themselves. He brought the car here in March I believe. The production date stamped on the car inside B -pillar says it was produced "JAN XX 1989". On that same tag the VIN # stamping matches the stamping on the firewall, in the trunk & the underside of the chassis. I believe there is also record of the original sales receipt to the first owner from a Nissan dealership, all title transfer papers & all 15 years of registration receipts. I don't see how it can be called illegal. It's over 15 years old w/ a clean history. Maybe I'm missing something.

BTW, does anybody really care whether a car is illegal or not. There are thousands of cars on the roads that are illegal, not to mention unregistered or uninsured. Sorry my friend, the only ppl I see complaining are those that wish they had one but don't. I wish I had an EVO3 RS to rally, but I don't. There are some Canadians that do & even rally them. Remember that a rally car has to be completely road legal to participate. I am not complaining that those cars should not be allowed b/c I don't have one.

For those that are lucky enough to own one - I say, "Good on them." It's not like the resources they have are not available to me too. They must want it more than me. Fact of the matter is that if you want something bad enough, you find a way to get it. That's true for most of life. I appreciate what I have, not what I don't. That doesn't mean I don't dream. I am done here.

Originally posted by Daemos
there are no other legal ways of bringing them in, except through the 15 year excemption law.
Then can you explain the 90's Renaults, Peugots, & Fiats & have seen in Canada. None of those cars are here legally either I suppose.
You need to read the RC-4140 document ALOT closer: Exceptions
Taking into account both customs and Transport Canada requirements, in most cases, you can import a vehicle into Canada on the condition that the vehicle is designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to meet the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards OR the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, bears a statement of compliance label affixed by the original manufacturer, has not been altered, and the certification from the original manufacturer is still on the vehicle...
B/c MotorRex has done the federal crash testing for the US, it makes Skylines LEGAL here, provided that the same modifications for successful crash testing are also done to the imported car.

FYI, the black '88 Z32 that was sold in Edmonton was, in fact, an Aug. 88 production Z32 (all VIN # stampings matching). 2004-1988=16. Seems legal enough to me, even under your definition. As for the guy importing them, I don't even like hearing that he is still around.
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