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The 93 W/EJ20K
Series 10 FRS


the more that i look and retype this chart i think the difference between the GT and RS motor is really not the turbo but the change in rist pin offset ... thus makeing the one of the two motors 8.5 to 1 and the other 8 to 1
                                                        GT              RS
The highest output PS/rpm                              200             220
Largest torque kg * m/rpm                             6000            6400
Turbine diameter (entrance / exit)               52.5/43.0       52.5/46.5
Compressor diameter (exit / entrance)             56.0/41.2      56.0/45.0
Largest supercharging pressure                     450mmHg        450mmHg
Intercept point                                     2400rpm        2800rpm
Feather root number                                      9              10 

Piston type                                      Slit type           same
Piston gauge diameter (mm)                          91.965           same
Piston clearance (mm)                           0.01 - 0.03          same
Piston pin offset                                      1.75           1.0
Piston bearing system                         Full floating          same
Piston pin hole diameter (mm)                        Phi 23          same
Piston pin total length (mm)                             62          same
dam this chart took for evar top get straight

oh and
450 millimeter of mercury [0 C] = 8.70155 pound-force/square inch (PSI)
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