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1999 GC8 ej20g!


I am in the process of a similar swap. A 1991 Jspec EJ20G from a Legacy RS turbo 2.0 (VF8)

The VF8 turbo is bigger then the vf10 and vf11 and about the same as the vf12 found on the australian and NZ liberty rs'.

The wiring will be a bitch no matter which way you do it. My mechanic was unable to do the wiring and he has had my car for a very long time. We are now having it flatbedded to Central Florida Turbo in Orlando to finish the wiring.

DO NOT wire the system using BOTH ecu's it will lead to trouble.

You can use the OBD1 and wire it or the OBD2 but internal mods are needed to start it off the OBD2.

between me and Matt Monsoon we have done more research and probobly have tripple the real info then anyone does on the boards reguarding Liberty and Legacy info.
You can also get info on the LibertyRS boards.

PM me or Matt if you have more questions.

Nice pics Matt...

And hopefully I will be posting pics of my car and the full swap process from start to finish within the next 2 or 3 weeks
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