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The 93 W/EJ20K
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cool chart save as...
how can the compression ratio be the same of the compression pressure is differnt
ok ok

#1 the tec 2 has been realitivly simple to use and install, i can help you out with maps too now you just have to find a used one
i am using the vishnu "pems" system the stock ecu controls some things and the tec others .. go to vishnus page and download the instalation instructions if your intersted. this will not create the same proublem that structure had with running 2 ecu's

#2 its not obd-2 your safe

#3 yes if you can find one - i have been looking for a good deal on a td05 for 18 months now

#4 its subjective they are better than the usdm legacy turbo heads (bad) but not any where near as good as the ej205 or 207 or spec C

#5 you have the second one

intersting differnt cams too
and colder spark plugs (than any other ej20) wonder if it would help to go to a "8" heat range and run more advance
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