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Ihave used Bosche, and now I use Wix. Never, ever, ever use Fram. Amongst other reasons they use cardboard valves, that get saturated, and stop functioning after short period of time, to say nothing about exploding filters due to thin sidewalls. and thev there is the lowest # of square inches of filter paper of any other filter, and then there is.....(I have the url that compares about 30 or so filters to an exact science, if you wnat it e-mail/PM me.)

anyway, bosche was ok, but I really like my Wix, it is a little more expensive, but now that I run Mobil1 I need a high quality filter, And I am not paying $10 for a K&N oil filter! I will change out the filter and oil at around 5.5K-6K miles.

redline may say that you can go 10K-12K, but that is under ideal conditions. That means perfect weather, (is it 70 degrees everyday where you live?) No short trips, no high rev's, driving like your mom etc. The way most of us drive, I think it would be closer to at least 8K. But of coure it is your car. I already feel weird about going as long as I am between changes. I would go nuts waiting until 12K!

And to answer your orginal question, If you want to go that long on a filter I would suggest to do it at least wiht a K&N. And keep in mind that Redline sells their own oil filters as well, that also might be something to look into.
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