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He's the best. He should be dominant. It could be argued that Barrichello's performance is Ferrari reality.

Paddock wags have always said that Schumacher is worth almost a second a lap. Certainly, he is on form this year. Rory Byrne (who should know) said that Schumacher is driving as well as he has ever been, which is pretty scary.

Is Schumacher's dominance good for F1? Yes, for many reasons.

1. It gives people someone to hate. Were he not German, we he say, Brazilian, he would be revered and nobody would be uttering a word. The fact is that the mostly British motoring press, for the most part, still haven't forgiven Schumacher for 1994's incident with Damon Hill. Talk about F1 Decade!

2. It gives the other teams something to shoot for.

3. He is a personality, and a star. Every sport needs that. Look at how crappy the post-Jordan NBA is for evidence.

4. He sets a standard. Six championships, probably seven, barring anything unforseen...excellence is impressive, and intimidating.

Now, are people finding that metronomic dominance boring? Some might, and it's their loss if that's so. We aren't going to see anything like this in our lifetimes, I'd wager. Think back to when Schumacher first signed with Ferrari, and how crappy that car was. Now look at today, and the effect that he has had on the team. It's absolutely thrilling.

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