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Originally posted by moss
Maybe I will get a reflash But we do have 93 and 94 octane here, so.

Anyway, next question... Screw the V6 cause that's just going to be a PITA to find. Next, between a JDM V7 and a JDM V8 engine, does anyone know the wiring diffferences?

I dont belive there is much difference wireing wise... but there is a **** load of difference motor wise. Larger port heads, more aggresive cams, twin scroll, new intake manifold(ver 7s run a hotter plug in number 4. The ver 8 does not ), twin scrool... um cast pistons....

Originally posted by Soon2Bgreat
You'd be surprised how much 595 seems after dropping thousands to get a swap. More than likely he'll be happy with the power for a while coming from an RS. Plus you start to figure whats' the point of a plain reflash, i should get exhaust too. It's all well and good to want to do things the best possible way, and as thorough as possible, but sometimes it's just not possible, smart, or worth it. Ie. It took me almost a year to decide to get a reflash. I had to spend money on dealing with problems associated with the swap, and for a long time i didn't feel it was worth 595 without other mods.
Good point...
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