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I believe my car represents a very "compromised" setup- first and foremost it's my wife's daily driver, then it also becomes my rallyx/autox/track day/canyon carver. Those represent some fairly divergent "interests". Fortunately we are lucky to own a very versatile car.

I run the v7 RA spring/strut setup readily available as takeoffs or new from your dealer as SPT. The spring rates are firmer as is the damping, but remember these are oem bits, so they are not overly stiff. Long suspension travel is maintained- very little lowering- a plus when rallyxing. I run the STi 19mm front sway bar w/ a 20mm rear one- dials out understeer, but not at the expense of losing independence left/right.

I run Noltec caster/camber plates up front- giving me a smidge over 2.0 degrees of neg camber and 5 degrees of positive caster- this will help immensely w/ no penalties day to day driving. Running 0 toe f/r has assured me even tire wear on all my tires (I have tuned a smidge of toe out f/r this year- will moniter for tire wear).

I have upgraded my driveline and suspension bushings to Grp N ones w/ little to no increase in NVH- a noticable increase in performance. I replaced my front transverse links w/ the aluminum ones ( a little premature due to an off course excursion ) and improvement none the less w/ again no penalty daily driving.

I run exclusively 16" wheels and tires (205,225 and 245), maintaining oem sidewall (I will be getting 15"r rims/tires for rallyx soon however ).

My wife has no complaints on the ride, we have taken several long (1,000 + miles) trips w/ it and it's very comfortable- and very fun!

With some careful planning on your part, you can build a very streetable/autox vehicle.

Big Sky
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