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To me, the comforting thing about the Legacy folks (hey, I'm still one in spirit, like SubieGal) is that they realize that their cars aren't the fastest cars in the world, and can't be made that way.

If I see one more "WRX doesn't impress me..." post, I'm going to scream. As I recall, Subaru never said "Hey, this is the fastest, best handling car in the world." That's why on the advert, they show the car sliding sideways through the mud (well, the rally car, anyhow). But the hype has people expecting the car to be an AWD rocket sled. Gaaah!

Legacy folks know what their cars can do, look to improve it for their own fun and satisfaction, the rest of the world be hanged. I think that I'm one of the few WRX owners who bring that attitude to the Impreza, so you won't see me running MBC's and big fart tip exhausts. My exhaust is a nice Cobb cat-back, since I don't feel like throwing CE lights for an extra 5-8 hp over a cat-back.

Hey remarcable, how's that Stromung treating you? And froggert, ditto for the Teins. I feel like there are bits of my car all over the country.

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