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Originally posted by cabenth
Rim is known as a car breaker event. But it seems as if this is largely because of the organizers rather than just a function of the terrain.

For instance, the field that held the SS stages was rather large, yet the room given to the cars was very small, and there was about 1 foot between the lanes. This seems like they were HOPING to cause cars to collide or high center. They had plenty of room to widen the race lanes, and even put more space between them.

Another example is the jump. Friday night, it was a simple fall away type jump, it didn't THROW your car into the air, it just fell away faster than gravity. They saw that and modified it Saturday morning.

Then they overwatered a couple of spots....

Even the well sponsored competitors have to show results or they'll loose the sponsorship, and many of the drivers out there spend pretty much every spare penny on their cars. Then they come to rim, where the rally seems to be designed to break their cars. I think the drivers deserve more respect and consideration.

Having said all that, I'm just a spectator and these are my observations and opions.
1. 'car breaker' - A lot of the breaking is due to water bars on the roads. The water bars are going to remain, we either use the roads with them or don't have the roads to use. The committee can only repair the worst of them.

2. 'field that held the SS stages was rather large' - They went to the extent of the field that they could. There may have been better ways to do the inner loops and have a little more space between lanes. I'm sure they will consider it next year. (Would you like to volunteer to design & build next years course? ;-)

3. 'jump' (on SS) - The only change between Friday night and Sat morning was 36 rally cars ran over it in each lane and normal grooming. They did modify it before the second running on Sat. Did anyone get video of Burke's jump? My impression was he rotated in the air and came down on the right side first, which means he hit the jump wrong. I don't think it's possible to design a jump that's totally safe from damage if its hit wrong.

4. 'overwatered' - I heard that from a few people.

5. 'designed to break cars' - I've been on the committee for two years, and worked four years. I can assure you that that's NOT the attitude of anyone on the committee.

Bill Jonesi
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