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Originally posted by Mike Wevrick
If you have time, we could really use an FAQ on shifting. It seems like every week there are threads on double-clutching, rev-matching, downshifting into 1st, shifting into reverse, what rpm to launch at, etc ...
Never thought of a FAQ for the driver. Many, many people here say the first mod is to "tighten the nut behind the wheel". I gave shifting advice to someone earlier today as a matter of fact. Thanks for the idea Mike! Swaybars were next on my mental radar, but I think they just got bumped.

Originally posted by Rebellion
hmmm .. unabomber. You make a great FAQ as always. My only complaint is that it's more opinion...
I'd like to add that Helix makes a very low priced uppipe and downpipe of excellent quality.
Yes, it is all opinion this time. I will agree that the Helix downpipe is dynamite for the money. I think their uppipe at around $200 is overpriced though. Many Vendors offer decent deals when it is bundled with their other items though and it becomes a better deal at around $150ish though. I am personally not a fan of package deals though. It's nothing against Helix or your opinion, but I prefer to buy items based on their merit rather than getting them for the sake of "a deal". By itself though, I don't think that uppipe is worth $200.
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