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Originally posted by Cardiff Giant
Got my key today. First off, kudos on the insanely quick shipping. I think I ordered it late Thursday and it arrived to Connecticut from Seattle this afternoon.
You're welcome, glad it arrived rapidly and intact

Originally posted by Cardiff Giant
Now I have one quick question though regarding getting it cut.
First, can I just go to a Lowes or Home Depot and do it to do I need to bring it to a dealer?
I would recommend taking it to a dealer for guaranteed proper cutting and fittament - unless you have a good, edged key for them to copy off of... but if you key is a bit dull, it may not come out 100% correct

Originally posted by Cardiff Giant
Second, I don't have my original master key at my apartment (the one that had the hard black plastic on it). I have it at my parents house but the plastic is all messed up so i switched to carrying the spare(atleast I think it is). How can I differentiate the spare key from the valet key?
see, if you go to the dealership, they dont NEED your spare / other keys. they simply go off of your VIN assigned key CODE. And should be able to access this information via Subaru (if you dont have your key code) - Master key should have an "X" on it... Valet key should have a "Y" on it (engraved into the key stem)

Hope this is what you were looking for. shout with any further questions and thanks again!!!

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