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Default From a Roll: Stock WRX vs S2000 vs RSX-S

So I'm trying to prove a point friend thinks since I don't drive a WRX I don't know **** about their power delivary...

I'm not ragging on the WRX here, but it's not exactly known for it's top end pull...but my buddy thinks top end pull means nothing when compared to low end pull and launch.

So from a roll from 30mph-40mph my buddy thinks it'll take BOTH the S2K and the RSX-S (and yes they are in vtec at these speeds) up til about 100 mph for the RSX-S and 90mph for the S2000... (I have no idea how you would measure that...since the cars will all accelerate diffrently, but I think he's saying from the WRX's driver's speedo POV)

So what do you guys think? I think from a roll...the WRX would lose pretty quickly...

PS I LOVE the WRX, just wanting to make sure I wasn't bashing it or anything, I'm acctually thinking of getting another one (but that'll be another post )
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