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Hi everyone!

Ok folks I'm new here, I just read this entire thread as well as a few others so please don't tell me to search the forum as I'm cross eye right now the way it is from all this, LOL... but a few questions:

1. Has the flash now been 100% proven by good dyno or 1/4 miles run tests to cut HP?

2. If this new program does indeed cut HP, does the 2005 STI make 300 HP, or is this flash info also part of the retune for the new model thus lowering HP?

3. Sounds like 2005 have knock issues too????

Also....I'm no newbie to turbo/AWD. I've got a pretty good understanding of turbo motors, timing changes can make big HP differences on these small turbo motors.

I'm looking to get a 2005 STI soon, or the EVO MR IF it's really coming this year.

I personally modded and tested my 1992 AWD Talon in several stages over the span of about 9 years so far, testing each stage at the local track with many runs, best times were:

base stock run when I got it new way back in 1993 was [email protected]

A few, easy, freebie mods netted a [email protected]

$400 in simple mods netted [email protected], add to that:

Another $1200 netted [email protected] - all on the stock 14b turbo, on an unopened 135,000 miles by then motor. (this was my daily driver and still passed Wisconsin emmission testing).

Another $500 for a 16G turbo to replace the way overtaxed stock 14b turbo put me at [email protected] and got me kicked off the track due to no roll cage.

Car then was retired to being my toy and track only car, setup to comply with track rules.

Currently after 2 more "stages" it runs easy mid 10'[email protected] all day without NOS, and it's still reliable too. It's seen over 400 1/4 mile runs with very few parts being broke.

I mainly burn up clutches, I run a weaker clutch than my HP dictates, I'm using an ACT 2600 right now, on my 12-11 sec runs I was only using an ACT 2100.

Anyone that was smart early on with the Talon's realized the clutch is the drivetrain "fuse" so to speak in these cars, too strong and too much HP and the shock load will kill all sorts of drive train parts.

There was talk of the STI running rich. My 2 cents....this is to protect the motor at WOT/full boost, the Talons did that too, a massive fuell dump at WOT/full boost keeps things cool, and yes it kills some power but the boost more than makes up for the overly rich condition HP wise, thus black soot on the tail pipe.

I'm hoping some of my knowledge can be transfered to the STI, as sooner or later if I get one the modding will start. I'm more inclined to the STI than the EVO MR as I just would like something a bit different. I probably should get an EVO though as that's the same 4G63 motor as my Talon has, but I really want another Subbie, I haven't had one for years, I used to have a 4WD wagon many years back and loved that little thing to death!

Sorry for the long post everyone. Looks like a great site you've got here!
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