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Sorry I could not reply until now. I have been busy. But I have some advise for folks that hire others to do thier installs. If you have someone qualified to do your installation, esp. custom stuff, heed the warnings they tell you. If they tell you not to over-rev the engine - don't. If they tell you not to drive it hard until after the break-in period - don't. If your installer tells you that they are not done w/ the installation but the car is driveable - that does not mean it is 100% driveabel as before.

As you may have guessed, my client did not pay attention to me. After I left the car w/ him Thursday night (runningn perfectly fine & perfectly fast) he went out to find out just how much faster I made his car. Needless to say w/o taking my advise he blew rods out the side of the oilpan. Being pressed to have the car driveable enough to get it to the body shop I made the car driveable. We were waiting for parts to arrive anywyas. It was supposed to leave our shop & go directly to the bodyshop. Then come back directly from there to have the rest of the installation completed & some initial tuning. Aparently, my cusomer had it revving high enough to initiate a serious boost spike. It blew apart the reinforced silicone tubing off the turbo! This is very bad when BOVs are not yet installed/arrived.

By Friday afternoon I had the engine out & the body ready to go to the body shop. Initial investigation shows that he was VERY lucky - no damage to the crank or the block, somehow. Monday morning we will have both examined more closely. By Friday noon we had rods & pistons being made for us over the weekend. Monday morning they are to be shipped overnight to us. Amazing how in a few minutes a few thousand can be gone. Because one doesn't heed warings from those that should know.

Now I have to complete the rest of the hardware installation w/ the car & possibly offsite. You see, we are under a very tight time table here. The car must be in Vancouver for a show & photshoot on the 25th of this month. Such is the world of tuning. Only one good thing is coming out of this whole thing. I don't have to wait until winter to make this monster truely frightening... can you say 4.2L stroker turbo?!
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